Welcome to "HRH for Africa", an electronic resource centre, hosted by the School of Public Health at the University of the Western Cape. It aims to serve as a nodal point for knowledge development and sharing in the area of human resource for health in the South Africa and the African continent.

A lack of accessible information has been identified as one of the barriers to appropriate, adequate and timely HR planning and management in the African region. As a WHO Collaborating Centre for HRH research and training the School of Public Health, which hosts this site, is in an excellent position to contribute to the development of a culture of systematic data collection, analysis and sharing, and knowledge management and networking. This is the aim of this HRH website which will be a resource for the development of HRH in the Southern and Eastern African region, a region that is currently experiencing a major HRH crisis.

The site, which is presently in its infancy, when fully developed will act as an important source of information for Researchers and academics working in the field of HRH in South Africa and the SADC region in particular. Policy makers, journalists, civil society organisations who want access to research, networks, best practice information, statistics in HRH.